Our mission & vision


  • Aid to quit smoking?
  • Alternative to smoking?
  • Looking for a more conscious stimulant?

    At Goldsnus we offer you what you are looking for. Snus is a product that is growing in popularity. Snus originally contains tobacco, but we offer tobacco-free snus with nicotine. 

    Our vision is to offer snus to the Netherlands, but also other countries, for a fair price. That way you never pay too much! We have helped several customers to quit smoking thanks to the products we offer and we look forward to serving you too!

    Snus is a popular product from Sweden. It is a product on which strict quality controls & compliance is based. Research has shown that 7% of the total population of Sweden smokes. In the Netherlands this percentage is higher; 19%. (source: Eurostat). We hope to reduce the number of smokers in the Netherlands with our services. 



    Missie voor gezondheid bij stoppen met roken


    A number of facts from scientific research (source: euforsnus):
    • Snus has no effect on the respiratory tract. As a result, there is no risk to the respiratory tract when used in contrast to smoking. The risk of COPD and pneumonia is a thing of the past with snus; 
    • Snus users are 99% less likely to develop cancer or blood vessel disease in contrast to smokers. 
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