How do I use snus?

How to use snus

"How do I use my purchase?", "I'd like to try it, but I have no idea how to do it!", you must be curious about how to use Snus. We are happy to help you with this!
We explain it step by step, but we also made an instructional video especially for you! 

(We recommend inexperienced users to start with mild strengths.
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Step 1: Remove seal 
Use your nail or a knife to remove the seal. You must remove the seal when opening the box (see instructional video if necessary). 
Schaar die een stippellijn knipt als metafoor voor de snus seal
Step 2: Open box
After removing the seal, the box can be opened. This contains all bags ready for use! 
Doos die een open snus doosje illustreert

Step 3: use bag
Take one bag. Then place this bag between your upper lip and gums. For best effect it is advised to place this in the middle. 
Mond ter illustratie van waar de snus geplaatst wordt

Step 4: To enjoy
Then let the bag sit. The bag is discreet and can therefore be used during your daily activities. A bag works optimally between 20-30 min. You can of course keep the bag longer.
 Ontspannen lighouding ter illustratie van ontspannen bij snus

Step 5: Store bag
You can take out the bag in the meantime and put it back in later. For this, each snus box has a storage compartment. The storage compartment can be found at the top of the box. We ask you to always throw away bags in the trash and not leave them on the street. 
Snus kun je weggooien in de prullenbak
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