1 free snus for every 10 pieces you order

How does it work?

Bee each 10 pcs you order, you get 1 free random snus with it. If you order 20 pieces, you get 2 for free, with 30 pieces, 3 for free, etc.

The random snus is automatically added to your shopping cart. The promotion can be combined with different brands / flavors

Which snus you receive remains a mystery until you have received and opened your package! 

Help, I have at least 10 pieces in my shopping cart, but I don't see any free snus appear! 

If all goes well, the free random snus will be added automatically when you have at least 10 pieces in your shopping cart. Is this not the case? Don't worry, we take this into account so that you still receive a free snus. 

Can I choose which snus I would like to receive? 

To keep it mysterious you will receive a random snus. Do you really have a specific preference? Then you can place in the comment of your order what kind of taste you prefer, for example "fruity" or "mint".
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