What is Snus?

What is Snus?

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The History of Snus

Snus is becoming more and more popular in European countries. The Snus that is being talked about are nicotine pouches made of vegetable fiber and are completely tobacco-free. But how did Snus start? And how does the current Snus differ from traditional Snus? 

Snus has been around in Scandinavian countries for decades. Traditionally, snus (pronounced "snuus") a type of tobacco in moist powder form, made from steamed tobacco, which is then ground and mixed with salt, sodium carbonate and flavors. Optionally, a flavor is added such as mint, licorice or berries. 

However, the Snus that is starting to gain popularity in non-Scandinavian countries is Snus without tobacco, or Nicotine Pouches / Nicopods. At Goldsnus you can order the tobacco-free Snus. Click here to check the Goldsnus range.


Why does someone use Snus? 

Tobacco-free Snus, unlike Snus with tobacco, is fully legal in the EU. The tobacco-free Snus contains nicotine. This is the reason why snus is loved by (ex) smokers. The Snus is placed behind the upper lip (for instructions, click here). Here the user leaves the Snus. This gradually releases nicotine. This gives the user a relaxing feeling. Smokers notice that their cravings for a cigarette disappear. 


Goldsnus Amsterdam

Goldsnus started in May 2020 in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. The founder of Goldsnus started with one mission: to make Snus available to the public with a focus on the highest service orientation and the friendliest prices. At Goldsnus we believe that Snus is a modern aid for people who want to quit smoking, but it can also be used as a substitute for smoking! Wondering why you should order from Goldsnus? Then click here. 


What are the benefits of using Snus? 

By using Snus, you can consume your nicotine in a more conscious way as opposed to smoking. Because there is no combustion, as with smoking, you do not consume carbon monoxide. 

In addition, the use of Snus has no direct effect on the respiratory tract, as it does not involve inhalation as with smoking. 


Voordelen van Snus   Voordelen van Snus Voordelen van Snus    Voordelen van Snus


What are the risks of Snus? 

Of course there are also risks when using Snus. Although nicotine is not a direct cause of various cancers, there are other risks. Frequent use of Snus can result in nausea and an increased heart rate. Novice users experience a stinging / burning sensation in their upper lip, as the body has not yet become accustomed to using snus. 

In addition, Goldsnus also advises to use Snus in moderation. First of all, this ensures that your tolerance level is maintained so that you can enjoy Snus more. In addition, this ensures that the gums are less affected. Although the Snus come in white nicotine bags to reduce tooth discoloration / deterioration, frequent use can still result. We're not dentists, though we recommend that you brush your teeth and gums well at all times. At least twice a day!


Disclaimer: Please note, Snus contains nicotine, an addictive chemical. Snus is only available for people with a minimum age of 18 years. 

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